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About Us

   At Prim & Proper, we will be as involved in your event as you want us to be. We can be a turn-key planning service for you or just rent you the things that you’re looking for!


    We can take almost all of the stress out of planning by picking everything but the dress! And if you need help with that, I’d love to be a part of that too! I mean, who doesn’t love dress shopping?!




  The [disco] ball can so easily get dropped when you’re having to juggle multiple vendors on your own - let us do that for you! A great, new way for you to utilize Prim & Proper, that you can only exclusively experience with us, is by becoming a part of the Prim & Proper Wedding Collection! 


   If you solely use us for your decorating, planning, rental & coordinating needs, you will get special pricing from the most sought after vendors in this area and surrounding areas. We have built an amazing team of vendors that YOU WANT AT YOUR EVENT. They are the best of the best & they are willing to offer you their services at discounted rates & with special perks that you can’t get without becoming a part of the Collection


    We personalize each invoice & event specifically to you! We want to make sure that the event is a reflection of you and uniquely designed by us, with you in mind! 


   With a full inventory of rental items such as tables, chairs & table decor, you can come to us with any rental & decorating needs you have. If there’s something we don’t have that you want, we will contract that out for you so that you, still, are only having to communicate with us.


Your Planner

Being able to use my creativity to create a one-of-a-kind event for my clients is what turns this job into my passion. There are so many good ideas out there - I want to try them all! My other passions include dancing, being the best wife I can be to my amazing husband, being a mommy to my best four-legged friends and most importantly, Jesus! I love sprinkling bits and pieces of the love I get from all of these things on every event I do, just like I love sprinkling cookie dough on my ice cream!




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